Our appointed AMC Agents are trained to provide a full service, from explaining loan facilities offered by AMC to the completion of application forms and guidance throughout the loan process.

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About AMC:
The benefits of borrowing from AMC

Competitive rates of interest. Interest only or annuity/repayment loans. Fixed or variable rates of interest or a combination. An AMC loan or facility is un-callable. Loans can be repaid early (subject to administration and breakage costs). No compulsory insurance. No need to disturb existing banking relationships. Land, houses and buildings can be used as security.

AMC Standard Loan

With a minimum loan amount of £25,001 and no maximum, terms are available from five to thirty years with interest only and annuity repayment options and a choice between variable and fixed rates of interest or a combination of both.

Rural Business Loan

The rural business loan is designed specifically to support the development of land based rural businesses. Typical examples include equestrian businesses, fishing lakes, activity centres, tourist activities and farm shops. Features are similar to the standard loan.


AMC has provided finance for many horticultural businesses, plant and garden centres and are always pleased to consider funding for such businesses subject to the nature of production system and the type of security offered.

Funding for Agricultural Business Projects

The standard loan is designed to provide funding for a range of projects including land purchase and improvement, new buildings and modification, restructuring existing borrowings, machinery purchase and new enterprises, farm diversification and business reorganisation, energy projects and poultry farm developments.