Our team offer a specialist service to woodland owners and new investors looking for woodland property for sale. Performance and advising upon timber markets, forest plans, available grants and carbon capture.

Based in Carlisle, our dedicated forestry team supports clients across the Scottish Borders, north of England and beyond, providing a comprehensive management and consultancy service. Working closely with our other offices and departments, we provide integrated and highly professional advice whether involving small amenity woodlands or large commercial plantations.

woodland property for sale
Our Woodland property for sale services include:
New Woodland Creation

Woodland Creation is recognised as being a vital part of the UK’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and will play an increasing role in the Green Economy. Our services provide full pre-application appraisals, environmental assessment, grant applications, contract management and effective maintenance. We can help you maximise opportunities from new native and farm scale planting to large scale commercial investments.

Sustainable Woodland Management

All aspects of forest and woodland management including forest design planning, inventory and timber assessment, timber sales and sound, resilient silviculture.

Carbon Capture

Forests and woods are increasingly recognised for their Ecosystem Services and we can help you explore new opportunities through Green Finance such as the Woodland Carbon Guarantee and private Carbon sales.

Investment Appraisal

Identifying and maximising returns from forest and woodland properties through long term investment appraisal and valuation based on market analysis, leading to informed acquisition and sales.