Patrick Playfair MA (Hons) MLE

Patrick is an expert on environmental matters. Having been with Edwin Thompson since 1996 his work now consists mainly of providing and implementing grant and subsidy applications for farmers, rural estates and other land managers throughout northern England and southern Scotland.

He advises clients on Scottish capital and biodiversity grant schemes, English Environmental Stewardship and capital grant schemes and the Single Payment scheme on both sides of the border, including mapping, Entitlement, budget and payment issues. His work also includes appeals against decisions made by the Government Agencies implementing these schemes, with a high degree of success.

Well regarded and highly respected in his sphere, Patrick is frequently invited to public speaking engagements mainly to explain the workings of the grant schemes in England and Scotland.

Over the last five years, he has been developing his own (small) farm business running a mixed rare breed sheep flock, two breeding sows and a spotted pony stud. Not surprisingly, grants and subsidies are an important part of his farm business as well and he can very much relate to the issues faced by his clients. He exhibits Shetland sheep at a number of shows through central and southern Scotland with increasing success.