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Keswick Show 2017 – Cancelled

We are disappointed to announce that the 2017 Keswick Show has been cancelled due to the amount of wet weather Keswick has received over the past few weeks. This decision has been made between the committee and the land owners to preserve the land.

The past few years have been a washout in and around Keswick and the Lake District unfortunately, and we sincerely hope that future years look a lot brighter for both land owners, as well as agricultural show visitors.

Our final show in the season is the Westmorland Show on the 14th September. The Edwin Thompson trade stand will be placed on block C, stand 78. Please do visit us there for our usual refreshments and warm drinks. We’ve got our fingers crossed for some September sun!

Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 – Update

Whilst both local and national politicians jostle for position behind the scenes, work of bringing forward secondary regulation in order to implement the provisions of the Land Reform (Scotland) 2016 continue, but perhaps not at the speed which many hoped for.

To date, the main issues affecting the agricultural sector have been the establishment of the land commission and appointment of a tenant farming commissioner together with the implementation of an expanded range of eligible assignees and successors to traditional 1991 Act tenancies. Questionnaires have been sent out in respect of the rating of deer forests and shooting rights but no rateable values announced as yet. Read More

Land Registration

Most readers will by now be aware of the changes to the system of land registration introduced by the Land Registration etc (Scotland) Act 2012.  The proposed move from the old Sasine Register, a descriptive based register, to the Land Register by 2024 for all private land, offers opportunities for landowners to be either proactive or reactive to the impending changes. The options are either voluntary registration or to wait for Keeper-induced Registration or an event that triggers first registration, such as sale such as the transfer of a property either as a result of a sale, death or gift or the granting of a lease to a third party. Read More


“We're delighted that we finally have a digital offering that suits Edwin Thompson’s friendly and professional approach.”

We have a fantastic article on the News & Star website today regarding the launch of our new website! Interested in reading it? You can see it HERE!
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